ECU Repair, Testing, Diagnosis, Decoding

ECU modifications, cloning, repair, testing and diagnosis

ECU Engine Control Module Reset Repair Service. We deal with both petrol and diesel vehicle manufacturer units. Full ECU Testing and ECU repair service available. We can decode your ECU to match the correct original product. We can clone a replacement unit to exactly the same as the original.

Some common problems found with ECU can be vehicle failing to start, vehicle cutting off, intermittent start, limp mode, no communication with diagnostic equipment. This sometimes can be caused by water ingress causing the circuit board to fail.

We can remanufacture units including brands such as Bosch and Valeo. Please call us and we can advise and book your vehicle for ECU testing and diagnosis. We offer modification service to your ECU, we can reprogram your ECU to your requirements. Highest standard of work carried out backed by excellent customer service.


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